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We offer email marketing that gets you high delivery rates into the inbox of recipients. Our delivery rate from email marketing is clost to 95% because of the technology we use. Because of this your email ads will be seen by almost 50% of recipients. Omega One is one of the only few companies that can achieve this great reach because of the one on one email send technology we use. Our customers also don't get spam complaints from or email blasts or email marketing services.

We use smtp accounts which have white list status. So you will see your traffic go up from our mass email campaigns because your email ads are being delivered into inbox.

We currently have only 8 opennings for large email campaigns to 50 million consumes. We currently have only 4 opennings left for large email campaigns to 100 million or more consumers. Contact us for a quote to get in before the servers are full whereby we will have to wait for a month for our IPs and white list status account to recover from spam filters.. We limit how many customers we take on for large email campaigns because we give our IPs time to recover after very large campaigns. So contact us immidiately to see if there is still a slot left for a large campaign that you might need.

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Our Innovations offer lots of targeted email blasts that allow you to do any level of specific targeting that you need. You can target by state, city or zip code. You can target by income, race, gender or profession. Visit the page that allows you to do any level of targeting for email blasts here: targeted email blast.

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We offer lots of targeted email lists. And we have a page that will allow you to target email list purchases specifically to city, state, zip code and country. Our email lists can also be targeted to gender, income level, company size, and career titles. Visit our page that will allow you to do any level of targeting to email list of choice

View Demo Search Examples for Specific Targeting Page

You can get quotes for Email Blast or Email List by clicking the applicable menu on the left of this page and then go into the specific product or service you need to do a search.

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We offer Canandian Targeted email blast and Canadian targeted email lists of all sorts

We offer Arab Gulf Countries email blast Campaigns and Arab Gulf countries email lists here

We offer Australian targeted email lists and Australian targeted email marketing campaigns too


Our Estimates For ROI on Email Blasts:

If we assume that you have a product that sells for $49.99. And you ordered an email blast of 10 million consumers, our tested estimate from previous email blasts show that you would make at least $50,000.00 dollars and spend only $1399 for the email marketing campaign. And its based on the Following ROI from our email campaign.

If only 1 percent of the recipients that received your email creative visits your website out of the 10 Million sent out (usually its 3 to 5%). And out of that 1%, if only 1% purchased the product of $49.99, you will make $50,000.00. So you can see how our email marketing here at Innovations can get you a lot of sales and profits. You can imagine if you ordered the 100 Million! With that you will make as much as $500,000.00 at least based on the above Estimate. We can spread out the 100 million email campaign over 2 weekes. And Remember: 1 % is at the low end on the ROI you can get with Omega One. Most customers here get from 3% to 5%. See some testimonies

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