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Targeted Email Blasts - Choose a Target Group Below

Targeted Email Blasts or targeted email marketing refers to an email marketing that allows you to reach a very specific type or group of people instead of just emailing to the general public. You can really make a lot of money or get a lot of valuable exposure from targeted email marketing because you can pay some reasonable amount of money and have your advertisement sent to exactly the kind of people that you want to reach. And because your targeted email blast is being sent out to your most likely future customers your rate of response can be very high. After you select your target below you can do a quick search to see pricing.

We offer High Delivery Rate eMail Campaigns 

1. Your email blast campaign will be started only 2 ot 3 days after you order it here.
2. You will be getting a high delivery rate into the inboxes of our email addresses.
3. We will provide you with a tracking report that will show open count and web visit counts..


Please Choose a Target Type or Group of People That Best Suits Your Campaign Needs:

1. Specific Target Email Campaigns: Very specific to Locations, Professions, Licenses, Income, e.t.c (Level 2, 3 and 4 Targeting)

2. US Consumers Email Campaign (Level 1 Targeting)

3. Europe Consumers Email Campaign (Level 1 Targeting)

4. World Wide Consumers Email Campaign (Level 1 Targeting)



Our pricing structure is by levels of targeting as explained below.

1. Level 1 targeting is just targeting all over USA usual just a type of consumer and the price is much cheaper like $259.99 for 1 Million. Level 1 can be done in box 2, 3 and 4. But not the top box 1
2. Level 2 is targeting a specific city or state, or county or targeting a specific group of people that are not just consumers. and the price is usually $249.99 for 50,000 for example
3. Level 3 targeting is targeting both a specific location and a specific type of person not just consumers and the price is usually $459.99 for 50,000
4. Level 4 will be adding income level, or revenue of a company, or age of a person, or company size to what you have for level 3 and its more expensive than level three
















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